Brainless Wonder

We have a brainless cat!

We had two perfectly good cats, one for Kayleigh and one for Daniel.  About 10 years ago, after our female cat, Katie, had her second litter of kittens, Daniel’s cat, Fluffy – a smooth haired cat, left us and was never seen again.  Hopefully he simply decided that he was more intelligent than this special needs family and found himself an intellectual family to go and live with. (That is the best case scenario for this story and for Daniel’s peace of mind. I don’t want to think of the alternative.)  I think Fluffy was tired of being upstaged by Katie and her adorable little kittens.

The deal, years ago, was that both kids could have cats. A deal is a deal.  It really was not Daniel’s fault that his cat abandoned us.  Daniel and I made a date and went kitten shopping.  He had very clear ideas about getting a ginger cat and when we got to the pet shop and started looking at the little fluff balls with sharp ends, Daniel picked up and loved the only little ginger kitten in the whole shop.  The shop assistant told us it was a little female kitten and I really did not think that Katie would tolerate another female cat in our house, so I persuaded Daniel – not an easy job at all to change the mind of an Autistic child – that he had to choose a male kitten.

Daniel has an amazing affinity with animals.  He sat next to the cage and tried to engage with the kitties. He made the right pssssss pssssss and tongue clicking noises, wiggled his fingers and one small little fellow, a black and white little male, got up and waddled over to Daniel and “asked” to be picked up.  Daniel picked him up and a very special bond was formed on the spot.

My Daniel is a very quirky young man.  Autism plays a big part in this quirkiness.  He looked at this little kitten, more black than white, and named him Snowflake.  Hahahahaha.

Snowflake and Daniel became a unit.  They slept together, Daniel carried him around everywhere.  They just loved each other from the very beginning.  It was as if Snowflake CHOSE Daniel.

What we did not realise was that this was one very “SPECIAL” cat.   I have never seen or encountered a cat with his special abilities.  If I had to write a definition for “clumsy”, he will be it.  Nothing is safe on the counter tops.  He could fall off anything.  And he loves the kitchen counter tops.  Especially at night with dinner plates on the counters when we are all sleeping.  (Don’t judge, I have a Mavis we cannot do without.)  His nose will point in one direction and the feet will just go where it wants to, sometimes scattering papers, loose change and small cups, glasses or something else along the way.

Snowflake has many names, Baby, Bloody Cat and on occasion Zorba the Greek – on account of breaking plates at night!  But the one that stuck is Brainless.  Although, Daniel disagrees, he cannot see any wrong in his beloved cat.

When Daniel got Brainless as a little kitty, we thought that the cat would never last. We thought that he would be suffocated or mangled.  Not because Daniel is rough with him, oh contraire, he is so gentle with the cat that that was why we thought he would smother the cat………………………… with pure love.  He could do ANYTHING with Brainless, anything at all.  He carted him around everywhere, under one arm, because Brainless quickly grew into a very big cat, he could throw him over one shoulder, drape him around his neck like a scarf, turn him upside down and fold him in two.  The cat would just meekly lie there and put up with it.  I think Daniel tanned him soft like old leather.  Brainless has never as much as hissed, moaned or scratched/hurt Daniel in any way.  He may get up casually and walk off, but would never complain.

My husband is the official cat feeder in the house and we have no idea how Brainless knows when my hubby is coming home, but we know the Husband and Daddy is home when Brainless jumps on the counter at the food bowl and stares around the corner of the wall at the front door.  Some days he adds a little maaw-maaw for my husband as a bit of a welcome and please hurry up, I have been waiting here for you all day type of thing.

Daniel can still do anything with the stupid cat.  We have a large family, pets included, but his is a one of a kind cat.  If you know cats, you will know that a cat does what it likes, when it likes, where it likes, on its own terms.  I wonder if Daniel and this special cat found a common connection in their modus operandi.  Daniel’s Autism also makes him want to do things by himself, for himself when he wants to.  Maybe they found a forever friend in each other.

And we got stuck with a cat with no brain.  I think he has two brain cells…………………… not sure if they communicate with each other.  But he is a gorgeous friend for Daniel.  Just put away all the stuff the cat can knock off the counters at night!


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