Huggable me


Advice to Beginners


Never hug a porcupine

Or try to squeeze a snake,

Though hugging’s good for most of us

Use care, for safety’s sake.


The bull, the shark, the elephant

Are dangerous hugs for sure,

A cuddle could have side effects

For which there is no cure.


Who you should or should not hug

Is often hard to tell.

Why, if you tried to hug a skunk

You might not like the smell.


But when it comes to human beings

Just put your fears to rest.

You’ll find most arms are open to

A simple hug request.





I am a nurturing, caring person, I am a huggable person.  I give hugs to everyone.  I just love it a lot.

Sometimes I hug people just because I need that little bit of love and comfort myself.  I am just human and sometimes need a bit of attention and love too.

Hugs are like a good kind of cheap medicine:  It is fully organic, it is naturally sweet, it has no pesticides, it has no preservatives, there are no artificial ingredients, it is 100% wholesome.  Like we are told it is a good thing to smile at people because it makes them feel good and it costs nothing, well hugs are like that to me but just a lot more.

Hugging is very healthy for you: It helps the body’s immune system, it keeps you healthier, it cures depression (really), it reduces stress, you will sleep much better, it invigorates you, it rejuvenates you, it has NO unpleasant side effects and it is like a miracle drug!!!  It can make you feel good all day.

Hugging is practically perfect:   it has no movable parts, it needs no batteries, it needs no periodic check-ups, it does not use a lot of energy, it has a high energy yield, it is inflammation proof, its non-fattening, it has no monthly payments, it requires no insurance policies, it is theft proof, non-taxable, it does not pollute the air, and best of all, it is fully returnable!

A hug is the perfect gift, one size fits all, yeay! 

Some people are not huggable people because they simply don’t like people touching them, even those who love them.  They are simply too ‘prickly’ to hug.  But I even hug those – especially those people – I think they need it more than anyone else.  We tend to steer clear of the people who do not seem touchable or huggable.   But we must not forget that those people also need physical, human contact.

In August at Johan’s funeral, a little girl asked me why I wanted to hug her and why she must hug me and I told her it’s to squeeze love into her, but it works both ways, the more she squeezes me, and the more I squeeze her back, we squeeze love into each other.  And it’s the honest truth.  I love hugging and touching people because I show I care about them and love them and want to spend my time with them.   I value them enough to want to share a part of my love with them. 

Most of the “fun facts” about hugging comes from a great organisation called Life Line – Masithethe Counselling Service -and I thank them for their wisdom and guidance.  I did a personal growth course over 10 weeks with the awesome counsellors from their East London office, the best 10 weeks of my life.  I completed their Counselling course afterwards and enjoyed it just as much and use all their planning, advice, and training daily.  But the one thing that always sticks in my mind is the fact that I learned that hugging is my way of expressing my love for all my peeps around me.  I get a warm, fuzzy feeling of love when I hug those around me.

And it is all good.

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